$1 million? $500,000? The importance of your retirement ‘number’ — at any age

April 27, 2021

MarketWatch has teamed up with NewRetirement to offer readers a retirement savings planner, which can help people think big picture about their retirement goals.


Financial Samurai NewRetirement Review: An Excellent Retirement Tool

January 22, 2021

This is my NewRetirement review for all of you looking for a great retirement planning tool.


Morningstar The Long View Podcast: Steve Chen on ‘How Do You Deliver Lifetime Income?’

January 13, 2021

The NewRetirement founder discusses how retirement planning can be simplified, the role of automation, and the challenges facing new retirees.


NEWRETIREMENT PlannerPlus Retirement Calculator

November 9, 2020

NewRetirement’s slick user interface and outstanding customer support each shorten the learning curve.

PlannerPlus is outstanding if you are looking for a way to integrate all of your information into one user friendly tool to create a comprehensive financial plan.

It allows you to test different planning scenarios, model cash flow and tax consequences of your decisions, and provides resources and feedback to increase confidence in the completeness and accuracy of your plan.



September 16, 2020

If you know anything about the journey to Financial Independence, you know that achieving it means having a plan for your money. If you don’t have a plan, retiring early may be something you talk about but never accomplish.

For ChooseFIers, gives you the retirement plan you need, one you can work with to meet your retirement goals.


Are You Ready For The New Retirement?

July 16, 2020

The New Retirement is Here – and It Keeps Evolving

Planning for retirement is not the type of thing you set and forget. Retirement continues to evolve. And in times like these, you want to make sure that your retirement plan is current and up to speed for a changing landscape.

Our guest, Stephen Chen, has his finger on the pulse of retirement today. His company, New Retirement, is an online retirement planning service, with one of the top-rated planning for retirement calculators, along with other robust tools and advisory services.


Older but Wiser

June 11, 2020

A REVOLUTION in the workforce is creating an underutilized resource: workers over age 50.


College Investor

The Tesla of Planning: NewRetirement

June 11, 2020

NewRetirement is a new approach for retirement planning – comprehensive, easy, personalized and designed for regular people.


College Investor


May 15, 2020

NewRetirement is a retirement planner tool that can help you build your path to financial independence, set retirement savings goals, and maximize your estate.”


The Decade in Retirement – New focus on decumulation

Jan 22, 2020

Decumulation has become an industry buzzword. This may be yet another example of a more holistic service offering—but it also reflects that aging of the population and the growing number of people living in retirement, notes Steve Chen, founder of NewRetirement. “I think there is an increasing focus on income versus assets as people start to realize that decumulation is a much harder challenge than accumulation,” he says.”


Seven Days to a Better Retirement – The New York Times

Nov 6, 2019

“If you want a more detailed approach, try NewRetirement.”


How Long Will Your Retirement Savings Last? – The Retirement Manifesto

Oct 16, 2019

“How Long Will Your Retirement Savings Last?” is one of the most important questions to ask, but it’s impossible to answer. Today, some free tools to help.


Why podcasts can actually push people to start saving for retirement

Aug 30, 2019

These podcasts can help you catch up on retirement planning. Steve Chen, host of “The NewRetirement Podcast,” created a Facebook group to engage with listeners.


Can I Retire at 55? – Three Retirement Calculators Shed Light

Aug 29, 2019

Experimenting with three online retirement calculators to get sophisticated feedback about the feasibility of if I can retire at 55. Check out the results.


What Negative Interest Rates Mean For Your Retirement

Aug 19, 2019

We’re in a brave new world of global negative interest rates and no one really knows what happens next, but the general sense is that it may be bumpy. We’ll explore what’s happening, why and ideas for hedging risk.


Why Money Is The Last Thing You Need To Think About As You Approach Retirement

July 22, 2019

Your plan for where to retire, heallthcare and work will drive your financial plan in retirement. Real world lessons.


Why You Need a Retirement Plan A, B and C

May 19, 2019

Most people have a Plan A for Retirement which assumes things will go well. It’s worth having a Plan B and C since life can be full of surprises.


Could These Two Mega Trends Crush Your Retirement Plan?

Apr 29, 2019

Could Demographics and Home Country Bias derail your retirement plan? Lessons from Japan and history.


Will AI And Robots Force You Into Retirement?

Apr 4, 2019

Two experts from UC Berkeley and Google offer their views on the impact of AI and Robotics on Work and Retirement. Their views may surprise you.


Achieving Financial Independence at Any Age

Feb 11, 2019

How to achieve financial independence at any age in simple steps. We take lessons from FIRE and look at the big levers available around traditional retirement.


Why NewRetirement Is My Favorite Retirement Planning Tool

Jan 18, 2019

Today, I want to talk about NewRetirement. Since I discovered it two years ago, NewRetirement has become my favorite tool for retirement planning. I like NewRetirement because it offers amazing levels of customization. Plus, it explains its assumptions and offers ample information about every subject it tackles. And it does all of this without ever becoming overwhelming.


Tax-Efficient Retirement Withdrawal Strategies

Dec 17, 2019

Tax efficiency is a top concern for people with retirement savings, since it’s a guaranteed way to improve your wealth. Most retirement savings are qualified which means they are subject to RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions) and income taxes. We’ll cover some big levers around managing taxes.


Why Retirement Is Broken And Needs To Be Reinvented

Dec 6, 2018

The core problem is uncertainty – people have no idea how much they need, because we have created a system around building assets instead of income. Put another way if you have $1M, then $400K in returns are lost to fees over 20 years.


My Favorite Books and Podcasts: 2018

Dec 3, 2018

Our friends at NewRetirement have been steadily building their brand this year. Starting out as “just” a blog (a very good one), they then built a very competitive retirement calculator, which they’ve been steadily upgrading with new features. Next they added the NewRetirement Podcast. Steve Chen, founder and lead interviewer, has a knack for landing prestigious and fascinating guests. Just check out his discussions with William Bernstein and Annie Duke, for example. On top of the podcast, Steve has recently converted NewRetirement to a full-service Registered Investment Advisor, with a new, aggressive pricing model. If you’re in the market for low-cost financial advice from a licensed advisor whose interests are aligned with yours, check them out.


229 Plus: RealtyShares Closing, Private Real Estate Investing and Online Financial Planning

Nov 10, 2018

This week November 10, 2018, we review the recent announcement that the crowdfunding real estate site RealtyShares is shutting down. We review how to evaluate private real estate deals including platform risk. We also look at a comprehensive online financial planning site (New Retirement) that you can try for free.


Securing Future Retirements Essay Collection

May 29, 2018

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) Committee on Post-Retirement Needs and Risks is pleased to present this essay collection, which shares thoughts and opinions on how to advance the state of effective planning strategies, products and employee benefit plan structures to help secure future retirements.


Why fintechs, not advisors, are driving change in financial planning

May 23, 2018

Digital-first firms are applying artificial intelligence and machine learning in ways not seen in the financial planning software currently available to planners.


This is the worst investment advice you can get

May 16, 2018

My financial story creates an interesting juxtaposition, as I recently shared with Steve Chen on the NewRetirement Podcast. On one hand, my wife and I did many things well with our money. We achieved financial independence quickly, allowing me to retire last fall at 41 years old.

On the other hand, we made investing mistakes that in retrospect could only be described as pure stupidity.


Want To Double-Check Your Retirement Readiness?

Mar 14, 2018

There’s a slew of online calculators available, but one of the best is The site strives to deliver great content and foster an active community…. More…

What to Look for in a Retirement Calculator

Feb 28, 2018

….It is a great calculator for those willing to invest the time or who are looking for more in-depth answers. More…

Computerized Investing’s Best of the Web 2018

Feb 17, 2018

NewRetirement is a website full of tools, articles and news for retirement planning. The website’s sole focus is retirement planning, and, as such, its experience is tailored to provide comprehendible information and guidance. More…

Retirement Planning for Middle-Income Workers

January 26, 2018

Here are some possible business models that can serve the middle-income worker and also possibly address the issues regarding financial institutions and advisers.


My Favorite Blogs: 2017

December 26, 2017

Steve Chen at NewRetirement is passionately devoted to helping people plan for a successful retirement. Not only does he produce a consistently reliable blog, but he also offers an excellent high-fidelity web-based retirement calculator, and various conflict-free routes to getting financial advice, if you need that.


3 Reasons Retirement Calculators Are Wrong, And Why You Should Use Them Anyway

December 21, 2017

Retirement calculators are an easy way to plan for retirement, but have major limitations. If not used correctly, they can lead you astray in your retirement planning.


Closing Out 2017

December 15, 2017

As the end of 2017 approaches and the holidays demand more attention, let me suggest a few topics to mull over a cup of hot cider.


How to Hedge Your Retirement Plan

December 4, 2017

How to hedge your retirement plan so it won’t blow up due to market corrections, health care costs, changing social programs, inflation, or taxes.


Retirement planning can be hard. Annuities, estates, health care, retirement calculators, safe withdrawal rates, Social Security, taxes. There are many pieces to a successful retirement plan.

October 24, 2017

But almost all of those topics boil down and feed into the one question that outranks all others: How much money do I need to retire? NewRetirement reports that the median retirement income for households aged 65-74 is more than $47,000. Our own retirement budget is currently closer to their reported median for households aged 55-64: about $63,000 a year. Social Security — even if the politicians shore it up — doesn’t come close to funding that lifestyle.


What I’ve learned after 14 years at the most ‘depressing’ job in America

October 2, 2017

If you’re saving for retirement, it’s always a good idea to get a sense of where you are versus where you want to be. There are many ways to do that. You could ballpark it. You could estimate, for instance, how much of your salary you have set aside or will have set aside when you retire. Or you could calculate what percent of income your assets, including Social Security, will produce in retirement. Shoot for at least 80%.

Or you could also use calculators such as those found at Choose to Save,, or MarketWatch. By the way, this is a worthwhile exercise; EBRI studies suggest that those who calculate how much they need saved are more confident about funding their retirement.


5 Ways to Embrace Technology to Manage Your Retirement Money

September 8, 2017

Another powerful and free online tool is NewRetirement. NewRetirement takes your detailed financial information, such as income, expenses, investments and desired retirement age, and funnels it into a comprehensive analysis. The tool helps to project your future spending needs and identifies risks in your overall plan. It determines how much you need to retire and when you might run out of money and provides graphical visualizations to illustrate the numbers and timelines. This tool is less focused on investments and more geared toward people nearing or in retirement who need help seeing the big picture.


How would you handle a forced retirement?

July 31, 2017

In Smith’s testimony she mentioned that she used some calculators to determine if she and her husband would run out of money. The report from the Insured Retirement Institute found that only four in 10 Baby Boomers have tried to calculate how much they need to save to retire, and of these, only six in 10 included estimates of health care costs in their calculations.


12 Of the Best, Dreamiest, and Most Unusual Post-Retirement Jobs

July 27, 2017

Most people picture retirement as a chance to move to the Gulf Coast or Florida, play a few rounds of golf, and spend time with the grandkids. That may sound like heaven to some retirees, but more and more seniors are looking for a little more excitement – and a little extra income – in their golden years. More…

Three Retirement Calcs That Will Help You Hack Your Retirement

July 24, 2017

The Center surveyed several online calculators and identified three and what they do well:

Ask Deep Questions About Anticipated Expenses. NewRetirement. “Brothers Stephen and Tim Chen designed their new calculator with their mother in mind. Perhaps that’s why their questions are so thorough.

The calculator lets users select many of the assumptions that are preset in other calculators, such as how much more pre-retirees anticipate they can save.

On the other hand, estimating monthly medical expenses will require some research – but it’s a crucial cost consideration, and the website offers tips.


Retirement Calculators: 3 Good Options

July 11, 2017

The calculator lets users select many of the assumptions that are preset in other calculators, such as how much more pre-retirees anticipate they can save. On the other hand, estimating monthly medical expenses will require some research – but it’s a crucial cost consideration, and the website offers tips. This calculator will satisfy people who aren’t afraid to train a sharper eye on their retirement prospects. More…

The Best Retirement Calculators [How Much Will You Need to Retire?]

June 26, 2017

#1 NewRetirement’s Retirement Calculator and Planner
No matter the retirement question, this site likely has a calculator to help you find the answer.
The Simple Retirement Calculator by NewRetirement gives you a quick assessment of your current retirement savings, showing you how long your money will last for you and your spouse at a set level of spending in retirement. More…

Meet The 18-Year-Old Who Has Saved Close To $100,000 On Her Own

June 14, 2017

How much do you have in savings? In 2015, the GAO reported that 70% of households in the 55-64 age bracket have less than $100,000 saved. But Robyn Bri, an 18-year old who just graduated from high school in Marin, CA, is on track to beat that average big time. She’s saved over $85,000 by working part-time jobs, starting at age eight. More…

The Problem With Retirement Planning with Stephen Chen – Big Picture Retirement

June 5, 2017

Retirement planning – it can seem overwhelming. It is a little less daunting when your realize that it is just a series of small steps, and that it is always changing. And there are some great tools available on the internet to help you. One of those tools was created by today’s guest. Stephen Chen… More…

Plan Your Retirement the Easy Way With a Website and a Book

May 30, 2017

I don’t always give plugs on competing products like a retirement website but this one offers a real match for the struggling boomer (1946-1964) or seasoned senior (born before 1946) who wants to put his retirement planning to bed and sleep better at the same time. More…

Two Great Online Retirement Calculators

Apr 12, 2017

Last summer, I shared five online retirement calculators that actually provide meaningful results….. Since August, I’ve discovered discovered two more tools that I’m happy to recommend. More…

A baker’s dozen tax optimization strategies for retirement planning

Mar 10, 2017

Tax laws change almost every year as will your outlook for the economy and what actually happened to your investments. More…

Computerized Investing’s Best of the Web 2017

Feb 18, 2017

NewRetirement has a lot of information regarding retirement and offers several calculators and tools. On top of that, its easy-to-understand presentation and helpful guidance make this one of the best retirement planning websites. More…

Retirement Calculator News, and a Mystery Solved…

Feb 14, 2017

Another worthy entry on the high-fidelity retirement calculator scene, that only recently came onto my radar, is NewRetirement – a friendly planning and information platform for prospective retirees. Try this online tool if you’d like an unintimidating walk through your entire retirement scenario. It’s particularly helpful in the areas of retirement income including Social Security and annuities, health care planning including Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance, and follow-on retirement tasks like estate planning. More…

5 Ways to Minimize Required Minimum Distributions

Feb 7, 2017

Required minimum distributions are the government’s way of recovering the tax breaks on the initial contributions to your retirement account and the years of tax-deferred wealth. Over the years, I’ve seen people in their 80s being forced to take distributions exceeding $80,000 or more even though they don’t need the money. More…

Asset Allocation: Mike And The Robos

Dec 28, 2016

My favorite robo-adviser so far is I’ve been working with founder Stephen Chen on this website, and I find it closer to a real adviser than any of the alternatives. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t provide asset allocation recommendations, at least not yet, but it did recommend annual spending of $192,000. I recommend you try out this website. It gets better all the time and I think it’s already as good as the typical human planner. More…

Web’s Best Retirement Income Calculators

Dec 24, 2016

The Accuracy component of the retirement calculator scorecard refers to the reliability of the results being displayed. You need to know a program’s results are trustworthy. You do not want any illusions of grandeur when making final retirement plans. The worst mistake a retiree can make is planning only for the best-case scenario. More…

Got A Raise? Invest It In Your 401K

Dec 6, 2016

Even just putting away $10 or $20 a paycheck will make a difference, and will get you into the habit of saving. In many cases, the default investment options aren’t appropriate. Millennials should save more and invest more aggressively. More…

NewRetirement: A Holistic Approach to Retirement Planning

Aug 20, 2016

NewRetirement helps people figure out how to draw down their savings as well as think through things like Social Security, income, Medicare, work and phased retirement, as well as how to manage debt, expenses and out-of-pocket medical costs in order to live as securely as possible. It includes financial forecasting based on your inputs, some high-level tax modeling and required minimum distributions (RMDs). More…

NewRetirement: A New Approach to Retirement Planning

Jun 27, 2016

Retirement is complex. How much do you need? How long will you live? What is going to happen to Social Security and health care costs? NewRetirement is helping people answer those questions. I connected with founder Stephen Chen to learn more about how he went from building college admissions software to providing retirement guidance. More…

Computerized Investing’s Best of the Web 2016

Feb 20, 2016

Overall, NewRetirement has a lot of information regarding retirement and offers several calculators and tools. Due to its easy-to-understand presentation and wealth of information, NewRetirement is the Editor’s Choice for Best of the Web in the category of Retirement Planning. More…

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