Release Notes

Release Notes

A summary of all the cool features and improvements our team has been hard at work on.

Planner Release Notes: September 2020

Launched new dashboard beta

Centralized accounts such that balances and other permanent data fields stay in sync across scenarios

Updated the blog in a few places, including new hub pages and more

Planner Release Notes: August 2020

HSA / 529 Account support added along with related tax forecasting improvements.

Services API architecture updated and moved to Rails – 30% faster, more maintainable and scale-able.

Better instrumentation across our customer life cycle.

Fixes & improvements across Financial Projections, Account Linking and Monte Carlo.

Initial help section with “how to” articles & videos. (see the magnifying glass in the Planner header)

Planner Release Notes: July 2020

Monte Carlo (Beta) – 1,000 simulations – running on AWS Lambda so we can scale this

Social Security – automatically adjust benefit based on claiming date

We started making Product Tours – still in progress and we’re adding videos

Planner Release Notes: June 2020

Account Aggregation – you can now link your accounts so that your plan will be kept up to date.

  • Assets (Bank, Brokerage, 401K, etc) and
  • Debts (Mortgage, Credit Cards, etc)

Planner Release Notes: May 2020

PlannerPlus Live – aka dedicated coaching support for your Plan

Planner Release Notes: April 2020

Google Authentication for Login (including underlying data/authentication model)

Migrated to modern WordPress & updated theme.

Site speed improvements

Improved one time financial event handling for RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions) and Charting

Planner Release Notes: March 2020

Completed porting the entire Planner to React.

Improved tax modeling for one time taxable events.

Tax modeling improvements – cap gains, investment income, inherited IRAs, state tax tuning.

Implemented state specific income tax rules.

RMD modeling updated for spouses > 10 years younger.

Add Federal tax only for pensions & annuities.

Add FICA and Medicare/SDI tax modeling.

Planner Release Notes: February 2020

Optimize Withdrawals 1.0 – new disbursement controls for Inherited IRAs, charitable giving, etc,

Improve home equity modeling

Improve navigation

Planner Release Notes: January 2020

Withdrawals 1.0

Allow users to specify tax treatment on investment accounts

Cloud migration – all on AWS (Amazon Web Services)

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