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  • We hope that the NewRetirement Retirement Calculator gave you some insight into your overall retirement health and whether or not you can afford to travel at $6000-$8000 a year.

    --> Retirement Calculator:

    Travel is a common goal of many retirees and it appears that no matter your budget -- where there is a will... there is a way to travel!

    One of the key things about retirement travel is that though you have less money, you do have more time.... So, if you can take fewer longer and slower trips instead of many fast and furious trips you will probably save a lot of money. Cut down on the costs of airfare or the actual travel and live more locally and you will probably save significant money.

    Consider some of these options:
    -- Could you sell or rent out your home and live permanently on the road? When you return home and want a retirement nest, you may need to settle for a smaller home, but just imagine the memories!

    -- (vacation rentals by owner) is a great web site that let's you find homes to stay in around the world instead of expensive hotels.

    -- What about home exchanges? let's you trade houses with people all over the world.

    -- Some retirees trade their homes for an RV and travel to different family members and locations in their truly mobile homes.

    -- Can't quite afford not working? Many retirees travel and get temporary work. If you like camping, you can oversee camp sites or work part time in the hospitality industry at popular locations. Like cruises? Have you considered working for one? Like skiing? How about a seasonal job at a ski resort? These types of jobs can supplement income and get you to the places you want to be!

    -- This may be a little far fetched, but if you like road trips... Have you considered becoming a truck driver? You can retire, achieve your goals and get paid! Forbes Magazine recently reported that this is actually a growing trend.

    We wish you all the best!

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