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  • Keep Working & Keep up with Moderate Excercise

    Asked on 5/14/2006

    I find that periods of inactivity render me useless to self and others. A satisfying social life is a plus.

    Its important to care about something, especially if it's other people.

    It helps to be loved, it's more important to love other people.

    I find all of this from my ongoing activities. Volunteering at the Senior Citizens center with a small stipend and writing short stories, novels, newspaper columns, poetry -- even if it is doggerel. The volunteer work requires physical effort and provides socialization.

    I also enjoy giving free advice to politicians, many of whome are my friends. By the way, I'm non-partisan (my car bears both a Repulican and Democtratic bumper sticker).

    And, it helps I suppose to have children that are not dependent upon you. I'm fortunate in that regard.

    Fear the Lord and nothing else (that's why I'm not afraid of dogs, besides they only have teeth in one end).

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  • I commend your continued engagement with your community. The idea of retirement as a 20 year vacation seems a little crazy... It is important to stay vital -- for your own sake and the welfare of those around you.

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