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    Asked on 9/4/2006

    Every morning starting around 7, a small group of us retired men and women meet informally at McDonald's for coffee. Most everyone else in the group is third or fourth generation local. I've been here since 1992, so I'm really new.

    What started as a friendly comment to a fellow sitting at the table next to me has blossomed into a circle of friends who are important to me. We really get along well. We help each other out, (like getting together to help pickup and install a 70 gallon hot water tank, removing the old one to the recycling center, or helping someone cut down to size and remove his tree that last night's storm uprooted). When you realize that we are all in our late sixties or seventies, this is really work!

    We share all the news that is worth knowing about. And we have a dry sense of humor which probably tickles those customers who are sitting nearby.

    Then there are the friends who are my neighbors, my family's friends, or folks who still have to work at my former employer. I could go on, but it's time for me to go McDonald's.

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  • Steve 


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  • I think that the fastest growing cohort on the internet and facebook is seniors - so more opportunities for you to make and maintain connections online.

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