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  • Contributing to Retirement vs. Mortgage

    Asked by someone from Sherman Oaks, CA on 6/27/2019


    My wife and I are 36 and have approximately $400k in IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, 403B, and 457B accounts. We currently contribute about $2,750 towards our 401k and 457b accounts on a monthly basis.

    We are looking to upsize our home but need ways to pay for the higher mortgage payment. We're looking to lower our monthly retirement contributions to about $750/month. If we do this, what can we expect to have at retirement?

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  • NewRetirement.com offers some robust modeling options. I suggest that you put all of your information into the planner and experiment with scenarios for differing contribution amounts. You also may consider seeking help of an expert to create a plan that considers your goals and cash flow. For your protection, we are not able to provide advice in this forum.

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