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  • Differences in Excess Income between your basic free model and PlannerPlus

    Asked by a 61 year old man from KS on 8/15/2018

    Unless I'm mistaken (always a possibility) I'm seeing a big difference in lifetime excess income (to age 100) between the basic free model and PlannerPlus. In My Plan -- which does carry me to age 100, I get a total lifetime excess income of $36,735 in the basic model and $0 in PlannerPlus lifetime excess income. Doubly baffling ... because when I scan thru the years in PlannerPlus I see hundreds of thousands of dollars in excess income .... but none ($0) at Lifetime. Why might that be? What don't I understand? I want to have faith, but also want to understand. -- Thanks!

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  • Steve 


    San Francisco, CA

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  • Thanks for highlighting this issue. We will soon release an update to show the correct value on the "basic free model" page. Currently it is only showing the sum of one type of excess income and not including future one-time events or excess RMDs that are saved.

    On the Plus Inspector pages,
    • On Inspector > Savings in the Contributions section you can see the total Excess Income being saved by year and the Lifetime value
    • if you scroll down to the Additional Annual Values panel and expand the Excess Income section, you can then mouse over each year of a chart to see what excess income you are projected to have by year by type.

    The Plus reporting pages are more complete, and soon the free page will show the total being modeled.

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