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  • What are the best fixed index annuities?

    Asked by a 87 year old man from Center Sandwich, NH on 2/28/2013

    What are the best fixed index annuities?

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  • The best Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA) are the ones that include features that are most important to YOU! For example, you may want lifetime income and still have a death benefit for your beneficiaries. Or, you may just want to build up your benefit base to pass along to your loved ones. Many FIA's allow you to pull out extra money on a yearly basis for home care or a disability without incurring surrender charges. In addition, determine how the insurance company is rated from national firms such as A.M.Best & Co.

    FIA products and features from insurance companies differ from one to another. Compare two or three different FIA's before choosing and look for the one that best fits your needs!

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  • They're ALL rubbish. Haven't you gotten the memo about index annuities. They did a study and found out that the average return for all annuities in their study was just 3.27%. You are not going to do better than bonds. Not gonna happen. So just invest in a bond heavy portfolio of about 70% bonds and 30% S&P 500 index. You will come out the winner 99% of the time. Insurance companies are not playing Santa Claus. There are no "good deals" out there. Insurance company actuaries make sure of that!

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