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  • There is no true answer to your question without understanding how and the amount that you want to invest. However, if you want an idea what a $1,000,000 hybrid annuity would pay out after 4 years you can figure approximately $6,000 a month for life!

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  • The answer will depend on the amount you have invested and the rate of return you are receiving.

    The NewRetirement analysis suggests that you will begin to need to tap your principal as you age and health expenses increase. Sometime between the ages of 79 and 92 you could be out of savings. (Pessimistic assumptions have you out of money at age 79 and an optimistic forecast leaves your budget in the red at age 92.)

    If you are serious about guaranteeing your lifetime income, then a lifetime annuity can be a great way to insure that you can maintain your quality of life. Secure investments and continuous re balancing is another.

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