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  • My house payment is $728.00, this is rather high for my income. My Mortgage Company is Vanderbilt

    Asked by a 82 year old woman from Olympia, WA on 2/6/2013

    My house payment is $728.00, this is rather high for my income. My Mortgage Company is Vanderbilt in Tennessee. Once about 2years ago, I asked them for a refinance, they refused to refinance my mortgage.

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  • Many homeowners your age can't refinance their homes with a traditional mortgage because they don't qualify, because traditional mortgages use Income, Assets, Employment and Credit to qualify the homeowner. A Reverse Mortgage doesn't use any of those. Instead, it uses Age, Equity, and you've got to have a qualifying property.

    The Standard variable interest rate Reverse Mortgage program with a margin of 3.0 will pay off your existing $80,000.00 mortgage, leaving you without a monthly mortgage payment, and also provides a monthly check for $2,194.14. And it isn't taxable and doesn't impact Social Security or Medicare.

    Your manufactured home must be permanently attached to the dirt, and must be built after June 15, 1976. If it's not attached to the ground, you can have the foundation installed during the loan process, and paid for from the proceeds when the Reverse Mortgage funds.

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