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  • Congratulations! It looks like you have done a great job planning for your retirement. I was able to anonymously review your Retirement Plan analysis from the NewRetirement Calculator and it appears that your monthly income from Social Security and pensions roughly equals your estimated monthly expenses in retirement, plus you have good savings to cushion your spending.

    The biggest factors that could derail a secure retirement for you are probably out of pocket healthcare costs. You might want to consider long term care insurance or a deferred lifetime annuity that could fund a long term care need. Your home equity could also be used as a way to fund these costs, but perhaps to the detriment of your overall net worth and estate.

    Another issue to consider -- is whether or not you want to leave an estate to your heirs or if and how you can safely spend more money in retirement over the next couple of decades.

    Have you ever met with a Financial Advisor? Retirement financial planning is not something you want to get wrong. At your asset level, an advisor can really help you manage your money and assets to enable you security and the achievement of any goals you might have.

    NewRetirement can arrange a free consultation with an advisor who may be able to better answer your questions monthly income and how to best secure your finances now and for the rest of your life and your heirs too.

    We wish you all the best!

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