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  • To whom it may concern,We would like to know if my spouse Alberta and myself are receiving the

    Asked by a 77 year old man from Bellbrook, OH on 10/15/2012

    To whom it may concern,

    We would like to know if my spouse Alberta and myself are receiving the correct SS amounts as we are not allowed to see the computer screen or how things are figured, and she received conflicting advice from 4 SS employees, 3 saying that she would receive $300 extra per month SS from her previous husband of 17 years (extra after our divorce) and another said she would receive only $150, the amount that was put thru. (We could use the extra money)!!!

    I was unemployed continously for over 7 years and recently started a PT driving job at $2.50 hour less than my spouse at WM and have no benifits, my wife works PT at Walmart for the last 7 years and earned only $3900. last year.
    Due to circumstances we divorced last year but still live together and don't know if it is a problem for taxes, refi, or other. She was married before and now receives an extra $150 month SS which she needed since she was only receiving less than $600, and is concerned as to how she can survive if I pass away as she will have very little income to live on, as I don't have life insurance nor retirement beyond SS and have been an RAKA (right above the knee amputee) since 1988. I chose to try and work at various jobs and lost many when folks found out my situation, I didn't get disability until 18 years later when I was 62 after hiring an attorney and being turned down several times.
    Also we don't know if she will lose the little she receives extra from divorce,($150 month from previous husband)if we remarry, perhaps we need to wait until after we are 70???

    Altho she may qualify, we do not take any benifits such as food stamps etc.

    Any suggestions will be helpful.

    Thank you, hanging in there!!
    Charles and Alberta Dynes

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  • Steve 


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  • Hi Charles,

    Your best bet is to contact the Social Security Administration directly, since only they can decide what the right amount is. http://www.ssa.gov/

    If you don't agree with their decision there is an appeals process - you can learn more here: http://www.socialsecurity.gov/pubs/10041.html

    Good luck!

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