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  • Soc Security benefits for divorced individuals

    Asked on 2/17/2012

    I am a financial advisor with the CFP® designation and am advising my 53 year old sister. She is divorced and was married over 10 years. Happily, she has a federal government defined benefit plan that will allow her to retire at 55. She has also saved on her own. As a life long federal government employee, she has never paid into Social Security and therefore has no Soc Security benefits coming. My question is, if her husband should die, can she make any claims for his Soc Security benefits despite the fact that she has not paid into Social Security? He has paid into Soc Security his entire working life.

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  • It looks like your sister can claim social security based on the earnings of her ex spouse when she turns 62, however her claim may be reduced by any amount she is receiving from her federal pension. She should probably talk directly with the social security administration.

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