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  • Keep playing golf

    Asked on 1/30/2007

    I am 88 years old and started playing golf in my 50's. Playing has definitly contributed to my enjoyment of life and my willingness to get up in the morning! I've made good friends, I am only competing against myself so therefore don't make enemies.
    I enjoy being outdoors on some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Think about it, It is never too late. My children say I'll still be playing when I am 100, if I have anything to say about it, maybe more!!!

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  • Steve 


    San Francisco, CA

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  • Sounds like a plan - my mother in law moved into a community for 50+ people that has a pool, club house and 9 hole golf course and she loves it there - safe, great community and low maintenance!

    You can see other ideas here: http://www.newretirement.com/Services/Retirement_Housing_Options.aspx

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