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    Asked on 1/20/2007

    As a former advertising executive, I have spent considerable time evaluating client needs for marketing, and creative services--
    promoting a client's products and services through presentations of concepts and layouts produced by a team of art directors and designers. All efforts were devoted to a single-minded purpose-- creating a contemporary "spin" that amplifies a client's unique superiority in fulfilling customer needs.

    Now "quick cut" to me in a drawing class that assumes no client-driven objective, no corporate imperatives, no cost-benefit ratios.

    Recently, at age seventy-two, I have fearlessly enrolled in a life drawing class provided by our local art museum.

    What a way to re-think your priorities and discover what "other-directed" vs. "inner-directed" really means.

    Forget technique and sensitivity. Simply observing the human figure and translating that information to an image on paper without any external agenda is revelation enough.

    Start with the anxiety of confronting a blank sheet of paper with pencil, chalk or ink, then the commitment of the first stroke. And end with the simple realization of an individual statement.
    This is true freedom of expression.

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  • There is a great book about making art as an older person.

    The Paper Garden: An Artist Begins Her Life's Work at 72 by Molly Peacock

    I think you might enjoy it!

    We wish you all the best for a great retirement!

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