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  • what type of single adviser covers everything in retirement?

    Asked on 1/15/2010

    need to seek the type of advisor who handles " the whole package" , income, taxes, inheritance. Who is the one person other than me who knows where all of my savings are,( currently spread amoungst various mutual fund houses with multiple funds in each, plus cash savings.
    Do I look for a Financial Planner, a CPA or a tax attourney or all three?
    Would like to just set up so I get one check per mo from somewhere knowing I am covered for life.

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    75 year old from Houston, TX

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  • Based on what you said, it sounds like you're looking for a professional financial adviser. Financial advisers work on either a fee or a commission basis (most people choose a fee structure), and are charged with helping you keep track of and integrate your entire financial portfolio into a plan that will help meet your goals. They tend to be the go-betweens for you and other, more specialized accountants and attorneys who each handle specific financial programs. We suggest filling out one of our professional financial advisor inquiry forms, found below so as to place yourself in contact with one or more advisors and determine what services they can provide you with.


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