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  • do i qualify for medicare, or medicade?

    Asked on 6/16/2008

    Do I qualify for medicade ?I had one of them while in the hospital with legionaires, believe it was 2000-2001.I was in Mercy Hospital, Bflo. NY 14220. I recieved help from the government, and told I was through with it (medicade-medicare)by a worker on Ridge Road, Lackawanna. When I go to certain doctors they say I am still,or should be qualified. Can you help me please?

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  • You might try contacting Medicare and Medicaid directly.

    The phone number for Medicare is: 1-800-MEDICARE Toll-Free Number: 1-800-633-4227

    Medicaid is a state-run system. I assume from your posting that you live in NY. In New York, you may be covered by Medicaid if:
    -- You have high medical bills.
    -- You receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
    -- You meet certain income, resource, age, or disability requirements.

    You can locate your local Medicaid office and their phone number, here:

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  • As your Doctors have told you, you should be qualified for it
    whenever you need it.

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