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  • Should you have a pet?

    Asked on 1/4/2007

    There are certaintly lots of pros and cons about having a pet in your retirement years especially if you are alone. I have a dog, a small one, I do not regret getting her but knowing now what all it entails I would think twice about doing it again.
    Having a dog makes you think about going away for the weekend, even going out for the day. It ties you down much like children did. I always said I did not want a dog cause I was finished taking care of someone else. So much for that theory, sort of like a boyfriend...when the right one comes along, how can you resist. My dog HAS been great company and does get me out walking every day. So I guess my tip is to really think about ALL the consequences of having a dog.

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  • According to this article owning a dog is good for your health - it can lower cholesterol and blood pressure!


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