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  • Hawaiian Music on the Internet

    Asked on 9/4/2006

    Recently, we returned from a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands on NCL Pride of America. I had read the Cruise Critic comments from other passengers and they made me nervous. But, then again, the most recent reviews were positive, so we went for it. We didn't regret our decision; we had a great time.

    One of the many things that charmed us was native Hawaiian music and the hula, which is beautiful, graceful, and a delight to learn. Anyway, I discovered, (through Google), a radio station in Honolulu that transmits over the Internet:


    Then click "on air broadcast" which is on the left side column.
    Then sit back and relax and enjoy 50 minutes of uninterrupted Hawaiian music on 105 KINE.

    My monitor has a picture of a south sea island with three palm trees on it surrounded by this azure sea. My ceiling fan is lazily turning, providing a soft breeze. And I have a glass of liquid refreshment in my hand...

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  • Sounds nice - perhaps you should consider retiring to a low cost beach town in the US or Internationally - more and more people are taking advantage of lower cost of living offshore: http://www.newretirement.com/Services/Retirement_Housing_Options.aspx

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