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  • Education, a catalyst in retirement

    Asked on 2/28/2007

    It seems like yesterday that I was standing on the college campus during pre-graduation festivities, looking in amazement at the 10th year reunion class, and thinking it was impossible to imagine being thirty. Now I'm thinking, "How'd I ever get to be sixty-five?"

    But now I see that retirement folks are still looking forward as much a young graduates do, and participating in what seems, to someone who's just discovering it, like an explosion in adult education opportunities.

    One of the most interesting forms of adult education, are the programs run by retired people themselves, who recruit other retired professionals to teach courses or give lectures relating to some of their lifelong interests. This gives people the chance to be both teachers and students. In my community there is an institution, related to one of the universities here, that is defined exactly this way. One becomes a member of it for an annual fee, and then is able to take as many courses as desired.
    The teachers(unpaid) are all drawn from the membership. It is a real sharing among this population of their unique knowledge, passion and experience.

    In my community, the public libraries have very active speaker programs on all kinds of subjects. The colleges, museums, repertory theatres and other cultural institutions, and community and non-profit groups also present courses, programs, and many lectures that are all attended enthusiastically by retirement age people.

    It is gratifying to see among my peers, and this generation of retirees, such an ardent pursuit of intellectual stimulation and ongoing education. Many of these people also, of course, combine this education with activism in community, national, and international endeavors.

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