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  • How I saved $62 on a $64 prescription.

    Asked on 1/25/2007

    This is one of those tips that has to be prefaced by all sorts of disclaimers, such as -- do NOT try to do this yourself! Or, The following information is for entertainment purposes only and is NOT meant to be taken seriously. In other words, just because I did it, doesn't mean that anyone else should follow my fool lead.

    Now for the big letdown...

    Basically, I was given a prescription for an antihistamine that I was shocked to learn would cost $64 to fill! What I did next was to ask the pharmacist if there was a generic of this drug. He said, "This is the generic of the drug!"

    So I asked him if this particular drug was part of a class of similar drugs. He answered, "Yes".

    "What other drugs are there within this class?", I asked. The pharmacist responded that the one in the blue box over there on the shelf was similar. "It costs $1.68," he said. "You may want to try it first. And if it isn't satisfactory, we can then fill this prescription for you."

    I bought the antihistamine in the blue box.

    Now there can be some serious health risks in replacing one drug with another one which may appear, to me, to be similar chemically and pharmacologically. But even if they are, I really don't know what the effects will be on me specifically. So I am taking a risk of unknown consequence.

    But I do that routinely. I first try to inform myself of the consequences of what I am doing. And after assessing the risk, I make my decision, which hopefully benefits me.

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