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    Asked on 2/2/2007

    Most of us who purchase airline tickets know that the earlier you can buy the tickets, the cheaper the price. What I learned recently is that sometimes, tickets purchased from middlemen such as Travelocity are cheaper than those from the airlines themselves, priced at the same given time. The reason for this was explained to me by the airline, United, as being because United had already sold their cheapest tickets while Travelocity, who had purchased their allotment of the lowest price tickets, had not sold out their allotment. Going through Travelocity saved me $200 for 2 RT from IAD to OAK. Are there any other travel saving tips out there?

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    Explore flying in and out of all the different airports near your destination.

    Combine trips so that you only fly once. (For example, if you want to visit New York and North Carolina in the next two years... Consider taking one big trip instead of two smaller ones... You could save money.)

    If traveling in Europe, try European low cost carriers like RyanAir.

    Bon Voyage! Wishing you all the best in retirement!

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