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    Asked on 4/20/2006

    Trying to reduce expenses in retirement and still live comfortably can be pretty challening -- but we found it necessary as the general cost of living goes up and our fixed retirement income stayed the same.

    When our heating bill skyrocketed last Winter we realized that we should really cut back and stick to living on our fixed retirement income... The best thing we did was to start buying EVERYTHING second hand.
    -- All books and entertainment are readily available used.... My favorite sources include: alibris.com for the hard to find titles; ebay’s half.com; Amazon – always click on ‘used’ button.
    -- For other items – ebay & Amazon are good for this too – even bought my last car on ebay, not always cheaper than other second hand alternatives.
    -- Specialty decoration items on sites like goantiques.com – lots of deals and hard to find items.
    -- Computers – Dell’s Outlet store.
    -- I haven’t looked for a furniture place yet.

    My wife wasn't too sure about this plan, but even she is begining to try it. She really likes the high-end consignment clothing shops to buy new clothes and sell her old ones.

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  • Thanks for your ideas on how to live more frugally - you were ahead of your time. It seems like know people are realizing that living efficiently can be a good choice for them and the world - not just spending less but always conserving and not wasting food, energy and the items we use everyday.

    You can find some other ideas here: http://www.newretirement.com/Services/Reducing_Expenses_to_Insure_Retirement_Security.aspx

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