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      Retirement marks the end of the honoree's service and the start of a new and important part of life focused on their own and their family's interests.

      Retirement is like a wedding or graduation - an important rite of passage. Life as the retiree knows it will change significantly - everything from daily routines to their own personal identify is transformed by retirement.

      Whether the retiree is easing out of the work-a-day by going part time or jumping whole hog into a life of leisure, this is a time to celebrate.

      Below are links to ideas for celebrating this rite – information on retirement parties, retirement gifts, retirement quotes and more.

      However, you may also want to explore some of NewRetirement's tips and information for a secure retirement. Use the NewRetirement Retirement Calculator to assess your retirement preparedness or explore some of the popular retirement strategies and products like: Reverse Mortgages, Lifetime Annuities, Working in Retirement, Optimizing Social Security, Long Term Care Insurance, Eliminating Debt, Downsizing, Estate Planning, Reducing Expenses, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Consulting Family and more…

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